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Mother always said, “Safety first.” She’s right, of course, but remember: a dose of style never hurt anybody, either. As the world of vintage motorcycles surges in popularity, a bevy of new gear has entered the market blending old-school looks with new-school safety. For chill rides around the city, this kit will keep the ton-up fantasies alive, Mom happy and you safe and sound.

The Motorcycle

This vintage Yamaha XS650, built by the folks at Brooklyn’s Jane Motorcycle, is exemplary of what a café racer should be. The unfinished metal tank, the wrapped exhaust, and the flat, tan saddle — perfection.

The Gear

Helmet: Bell Bullit $400
Jacket: Schott NYC Single Rider Steerhide $725
Boots: Alpinestars OSCAR Monty $260
Gloves: Iron & Resin Elk Bobber $80
Denim: Saint Technical Indigo Denim Slim Fit Jean $240
Shirt: Jane Motorcycles Vintage Racing Jersey $150
Sunglasses: Dom Vetro Jet Black Cortina $295
Wallet: Billykirk Trucker Wallet $212
Belt: Tanner Goods Standard Belt $105
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