These are the little extras, small goodies that can make a big impact. Gifts under $50 can sometimes lack in quality, so you must vet products carefully. Lucky for you, our experts gathered the best affordable gifts around, all at extremely reasonable prices.

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-upper-cut Travel Kit by Uppercut Deluxe

Complete with four hair style products, a flick-comb, a key chain and a slim wallet, this kit will keep you looking sharp for travels near and far. $70

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-shiner Shoe Cleaner Kit by TriNova

If you’ve invested in the shoes, invest in the products to keep them looking fresh. $18

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-socks Super Nice Socks by Lady White Co.

These understated ribbed socks are made from an organic-cotton blend in Nagoya, Japan. $28

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-shoe-horn Leather Shoe Horn by Shinola

Covered in Horween Essex leather, this shoehorn is both distinguished and functional. $38

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-converse Lop Top Chuck Taylor Sneakers by Converse

Because nothing beats the classics. $38

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-men-n-style Men and Style by David Coggins

An introspective look on men’s style by one of the field’s top writers. $27

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-tie-clip Brushed Tie Clip by J.Crew

This minimal tie clip can be easily incorporated with variety of wardrobe styles. $30

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-collar-stay Collar Stays by Own & Fred for J.Crew

A respectable upgrade from those ubiquitous flimsy plastic stays. $29

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-askov-gloves Team North Mittens by Askov Finlayson

Purchase these warm winter mittens, and Askov Finlayson will make a donation to Climate Generation. $24

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-uniqlo Dry Stretch Sweat by Uniqlo

This high-performance hoodie has a slim silhouette perfect for everyday wear. $50

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-buck-mason Steel Crew Slub Tee by Buck Mason

This slub tee is made in Los Angeles on small batch, low-tension looms. $28

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-shoe-tree Cedar Shoe Trees by Woodlore

Keep your leather shoes looking better longer, with this simple gift. $25

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-card-holder Card Holder by Il Bussetto

Slim down your leather wallet with this handsome Italian card holder. $37

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-ll-bean Pima Cotton Polo by L.L.Bean

Simple and classic, this will look great on any man. $40

stocking-stuffer-dapper-gear-patrol-pocket-square Pocket Square by Todd Snyder

Add a personal touch to your blazer with this Italian-made linen pocket square. $49

17 Perfect Gifts for the Dapper Man


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