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15 Great Gifts Under $50 for the DIYer



The stockings are hung by the chimney with care — now what the hell are you gonna put in there? Ah, stocking stuffers. The little things: extras, last minute goodies, the old standbys. There’s an endless supply of stocking-size gifts under $50, and picking up the right ones can be a little daunting. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best affordable gifts around to please anyone on your list.

stocking-stuffer-diy-gear-patrol-gear-aid Gear Aid SPARK Rechargeable LED Light & Lantern

A dimmable, water-resistant and quick-charging lighting solution that’s as light and compact as your cellphone, and can be mounted to tripods and GoPro and RAM mounts. $50

craftsmasn-flex-claw-hammer-gear-patrol-800 Craftsmasn Flex Claw Hammer

Craftsman’s revised take on the tried-and-true claw hammer, featuring an adjustable claw that allows you to pry up nails from different angles. $34

stanley-adjustable-demo-wrench-gear-patrol-800 Stanley Adjustable Demo Wrench

In addition to the adjustable wrench head, Stanley’s Demo Wrench includes a striking surface and pry bar for pulling up nails, allowing it to double as a hammer on the fly. $14

windbag-inflatable-shim-gear-patrol-800 Winbag Inflatable Shim

Replace the traditional shim with this handy tool that can align windows, doors, cabinets and appliances without leaving any marks on its surroundings. $20

dewalt-maxfit-screwdriving-drill-bit-set-gear-patrol-800 DeWalt Maxfit Screwdriving and Drill Bit Set

The 140 different Phillips, flathead and drill bits in this kit should be more than enough to accommodate screws of all sizes. $30

zircon-studsensor-hd55-gear-patrol-800 Zircon StudSensor HD55

More than just your average stud finder, Zircon’s StudSensor boasts an LCD screen with “Target Spotlight” that illuminates on screen once you’ve found the edge of a stud. $30

bosch-glm-10-compact-laser-measure-gear-patrol-800 Bosch GLM 10 Compact Laser Measure

An easy one-button solution to getting measurements accurate to within 1/8 of an inch. $30

maglite-xl50-gear-patrol-800 Maglite XL50

Maglite’s lauded durability and build quality in a compact package, perfect for illuminating screws and bolts in hard-to-see areas. $33

hdx-homeowners-tool-kit-gear-patrol-800 HDX Homeowner’s Tool Kit

This affordable kit comes with an incredible 76 pieces. If he’s just getting into home improvement, it’s a great starter. $20

sola-torpedo-flooring-level-gear-patrol-800 Sola Torpedo Flooring Level

This level is made from shockproof acrylic, making it perfect as a stalwart tool for the construction site. $20

klein-tools-ncvt-3-voltage-teaser-gear-patrol-800 Klein Tools NCVT-3 Voltage Teaser

A handy tool to make sure the DIYer doesn’t get a surprise shock on his next project — as a bonus, it includes a handy flashlight. $23

l-l-bean-flannel-lined-handswen-slippers-gear-patrol-800 L.L.Bean Flannel-Lined Handswen Slippers

Warm and comfortable house shoes for the weekends where the DIYer decides to take a break from his current project. $50

mechanix-wear-padded-palm-gloves-gear-patrol-800 Mechanix Wear Padded Palm Gloves

Tough and comfortable gloves to keep the DIYer’s knuckles unscathed when he’s wrenching on his ride. $20

lifx-smart-led-light-bulb-gear-patrol-800 LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb

A simple way to add smart home capability to your domicile. While LIFX bulbs don’t require a hub, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice control. $45

trusco-tool-box-ty-320-sv-gear-patrol-800 Trusco Tool Box TY-320-SV

He’s got all the tools, now all he needs is a beautiful and sleek steel toolbox to keep them protected and organized. $45

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