When it comes to big purchases for the family, nine times out of ten, mom is more practical. And nowhere is that more evident than what takes up space in the garage. Case in point, my own dad traded in the family hatchback for a two-door sports car, while my mom swapped the aging station wagon for a mini-van (I’ve since forgiven her). Moms have that inherent matriarchal fifth sense we should all appreciate because without it, we all might be lost, probably somewhere in the woods. That said, moms can still have a hidden adventurous side and sense of style, which why moms will love these cars.

My Mom Fell In Love With a $150,000 Mercedes-Benz Tank

My mom — a retired first-grade teacher born, raised and still living in suburban West Michigan — loves her Ford Focus SEL. But now she wants a balls-out, body-on-frame military truck that looks like it was designed by a steroidal architect locked in a room with a block of granite, a hammer and chisel, an eight ball of coke and a lot of chrome. — Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

Can Chrysler Finally Make the Minivan Cool?

If I had some kids, and if they would get rid of that damn terrible gearshift knob disguised as a volume knob, it’d be the minivan I’d buy — not to feel cool, but to feel smart. — Chris Wright, Associate Editor

Even More Practicality

The best off-road wagon out there is now made by Mercedes-Benz. Read the Story

Jaguar’s I-Pace SUV Concept Is All-Electric

Jaguar announced a new concept that’ll compete directly with the electric king, Tesla.

The New Volkswagen Atlas SUV Is VW’s Apology to America

Now that Volkswagen is $15 billion in the hole with US government penalties, owes $1.2 billion to its US dealers and $175 million just to lawyers, it’s time to get back to business making money. Where do they start? A made-in-America seven-passenger SUV, of course.

Audi Allroad’s New Transmission Boosts MPGs, Doesn’t Lose Off-Road Cred

In the pursuit of ever-more-precious fuel economy, Audi re-imagined its all-wheel-drive Quattro system. And it’s excellent.