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15 Great Gifts Under $50 for the Chef

These are the little extras, small goodies that can make a big impact. Gifts under $50 can sometimes lack in quality, so you must vet products carefully. Lucky for you, our experts gathered the best affordable gifts around, all at extremely reasonable prices.

Grady’s Cold Brew Pouches

With a built-in spigot and Grady’s signature blend of coffee beans, chicory and spices, this is the just-add-water solution to better cold brew. $30

‘Fries! An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Favorite Food’

A definitive guide to the origins and countless variations of the fried potato. $11

‘Brew: Better Coffee At Home’

A primer on beans and brewing techniques, plus caffeinated cocktails, for the unabashed coffee fiend. $25

Snow Peak Titanium Fork & Spoon Set

Lunch-improving, titanium cutlery from premium Japanese mountaineering line Snow Peak. $26

Ekogrips BBQ Grilling Gloves

Non-slip silicone gloves protect hands from heat, steam and smoke and improve grip, whether you’re grilling burgers or boiling lobsters. $25

Rösle Kitchen Torch

A gas-powered torch for restaurant-quality finishing touches. Think caramelized sugar, melted cheese and the perfect char. $46

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

For precision baking and measuring out coffee beans, with an easy-to-read display that returns weights in either pounds and ounces or grams. $50

Lavatools Javelin PRO Digital Meat Thermometer

Because the secret to the perfect roast chicken lies in a precise temperature reading. $50

Able Brewing Disk Fine Coffee Filter for Aeropress

Give the gift of a better-tasting brew with a reusable, travel-friendly Aeropress filter that allows more oils to seep into coffee. $13

Hedley & Bennet Snow Crab Napkin

Minimal, masculine denim napkins elevate a table setting. $12

Unicorn Magnum Plus 9-Inch Pepper Mill

With an extra-large steel mechanism for faster grinding, this pepper mill proves that good blades make all the difference. $45

Gourmet 3-Compartment Bento with Stainless Steel Utensils

No more sad desk lunches. $15

R. Murphy New Haven Oyster Knife Schucker

For the oyster aficionado, a knife with a uniformly hardened blade made from top-quality steel is the only suitable shucking tool. $17

CounterArt Chop Chop Food Service Grade Cutting Mats

New cutting boards keep a kitchen feeling clean — especially when they’re non-porous, anti-microbial mats made from heavy-gauge plastic. $21

Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

A dual-gear pressing mechanism squeezes out 20 percent more juice while reducing hand fatigue. Got lemons? Make more lemonade. $20

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