Welcome to Sports and Outdoors Staff Picks. Each week, we select our favorite pieces from the gear coming across our desks, in addition to mainstays in our kits. We show you glimpses into the gear we’re testing and what we’re stoked on. Have something you think we should check out? Or just want to say hi? Drop us a line at [email protected].

Patagonia Men’s Wavefarer Walk Shorts

Ah, the old shorts-in-winter pick. Well, I’ll have you know that in the past three weeks I’ve swum in the ocean in Patagonia’s Men’s Wavefarer Walk Shorts in Hawaii, worn them jogging in the snow in NYC, and donned them as my after-work comfort-wear while bingeing Planet Earth II. They’re the first super-lightweight multi-use short I’ve ever owned, and they feel revolutionary to me. The classic Patagonia Short is the Baggie, according to lots of guys in our office. I’ll take these. — Chris Wright Associate Editor,

Argonaut Road Bike

Custom carbon fiber road bikes are things of beauty, and few are more beautiful than Bend, Oregon-based bike maker Argonaut. From the places where the tubes join together, to the parts spec, to the paint, each Argonaut is a dream bike. Ben Farver crafts each Argonaut in his shop located in the same industrial complex as Good Life Brewing company. If you’re looking to put an all-out, top-of-the-line custom carbon fiber bike on your list, this should be it. – AJ Powell, Associate Staff Writer

Rumpl Super Fleece Blanket

I hit the snooze button at least five times every morning, and it’s all thanks to this wretchedly wonderful thing. The top repels water and stains (go ahead and drink wine in bed, you shameless hedon!) and the fleece underside — my god, the fleece underside — feels like a fat, well-groomed chinchilla that somehow never gets stinky. You see now why I’m always late to work, boss? – Michael Finn, Editorial Apprentice

NEMO Equipment Fillo Elite

I used to think camp pillows were overrated — why would you add an extra item to your pack when a crumpled-up puffy will work just fine? Then I found the Fillo Elite. It’s essentially an inflatable bladder wrapped in a small layer of synthetic insulation and fabric that packs down to the size of a deck of cards. The Kool-Aid has been drunk; I’ll never camp without it again. — Tanner Bowden, Editorial Intern

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