Good morning. The Washington Post reported yesterday that the largest sunken treasure in American history is being held hostage by the man who found it. Over two decades ago, treasure hunter Tommy Thompson hauled up three tons of gold from an ancient shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina. He then became a fugitive, and it is believed he hid the treasure after cashing in a sizable chunk of it. Thompson is currently in jail, and won’t be released until he gives up the location of the treasure. Here’s what’s good in gear: a 4K Blu-ray player, a performance wool sweater, a dim sum guidebook and much more.

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HYLETE Icon 6-in-1 Backpack

Ideal luggage is discreet, hard-wearing and adaptable. Yet traditional bags — bland, single-purpose load-haulers — rarely achieve this. HYLETE’s blacked-out Icon 6-In-1 Backpack offers six unique conversions: a backpack, extended backpack, small duffle, large duffle, removable daypack and messenger bag. It also features padded and fleece pockets for a laptop and other accessories and works perfectly as a carry-on bag when flying.

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Oppo 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player

CD format media is lying in its grave, getting showered with scoops of dirt. Three giants named Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO are holding shovels. Before it breathes one last breath of that sweet mass-consumer-market air, we have this: the pinnacle of Blu-ray technology. On a 4K TV, its resolution is four times that of standard Blu-ray; audio quality is lossless, immersive and clear as ever. Can your tiny streaming box do that? Nope. Long live Blue-ray!

Dim Sum Field Guide

Dim sum is its own little culinary movement — a foodie sub-cult, sort of like burritos or ramen. In this pocket-sized guide, author Carolyn Phillips gives a 101 course on dim sum, complete with quirky illustrations and a bit of history on the popular Chinese teahouse snack style.

Tiger Wood’s Bridgestone B330-S Golf Ball

He’s back and better than ever — with a new ball to boot.

The Libre Sweater by Cotopaxi

I’d seen the Libre Sweater all over the place, and had to check it out in person. Cotopaxi is a great brand that focuses on doing good in the world — and on your torso. The Libre is knit from llama fiber, which makes for a cozy and warm, yet breathable sweater that won’t stink, like, ever. Retro colorways are a plus, too. Fits just a little snug. Available now, ships in February. – Nick Caruso, Today in Gear Editor

Tiger Adventure Vehicles The Siberian

The lovechild of a luxury RV camper and a burly off-road pickup. The giant aluminum cab, which sits on the back of either a Ford F550 or a Dodge Ram 5500, contains a bathroom, kitchen, entertainment console, and a couch that folds out into a queen or king-size bed. Two solar panels on the roof provide 600 Watts of power, along with 900 amp-hours of battery storage.

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