It's Not Just What's Inside that Counts

Best Designer Gift Wrap for the Holidays

Buying Guides By Photo by Henry Phillips

Despite what people say, it’s not just what’s inside that counts. Your gift wrap is important, too, helping to elevate gestures both big and small. Here are seven designers and stationers to consider this holiday season.


Pictured: Tropical Birds
Price: $17

Norman’s Printery

Pictured: Mid-Century Modern
Price: $14

Amy Heitman

Pictured: Geometric Tile
Price: $4.50+

Smudge Ink

Pictured: Feathers
Price: $7+

The Detroit Card Co.

Pictured: Pine Cones
Price: $8


Pictured: Retro Lounge Chair
Price: $9

Rifle Paper Co.

Pictured: Mistletoe
Price: $9