You’re not us; we aren’t you. A wolf skull unearthed from a tar pit is not on your list, nor Gucci loafers — and we don’t expect you to send the North Pole an addendum. This list is for the curious, those seeking alternative inspiration. It’s a look behind the curtain of what gear or cultural experiences the Gear Patrol-ers are interested in. We can will tell you all the great gift ideas we think you should give or receive this holiday season. But as for us, this is our personal little list, where the quirky, extravagant and mundane all coexist in our sugar-plum dreams.

Ben Bowers, Co-Founder

Arc’Teryx Veilance Monitor Coat
As someone who travels frequently, I’m always searching for solutions that let me pack less and still stay prepared for anything. The Monitor Coat features the technical chops to battle winter’s shittiest moods and a clean, trench-length silhouette that looks good over a blazer. The kicker? It packs down into an impressively slim pouch.

Matthew Ankeny, Deputy Managing Editor

Suede Sneakers by FEIT
Extravagant, simple, pretentious, preposterous and extremely demure, these FEIT sneakers are everything I want on my feet. Dank je, Saint Nick.

Chris Wright, Associate Editor

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
I bought this game — which is set in World War One and is the history-gamer-nerd’s wet dream — imaging I would never, ever be convinced to pay another 50 bucks for the DLC package (new maps, armies, weapons). Then I played it and listened to six hours of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast about WWI, “Blueprint for Armageddon.” (Did you know that thousands of men died during the battle of Passchendaele by literally drowning in mud?) Now I need this, badly.

Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

Seamaster Planet Ocean by Omega
Despite being in love with exotic cars like the McLaren 570S, I’ve never been very attracted to ostentatious displays of, well, anything. But the one splurge I’d ever allow myself is a fine watch. As far as high-end timepieces go, I like simplicity, function and classic looks. Omega is all these things and more.

Jack Seemer, Assistant Editor

Mauviel 14-Inch M’steel Paella Pan
Every Christmas, for reasons I have never fully understood, my mom cooks paella. A big one, loaded with chicken thighs, chorizo and clams. I’m hosting this year for the first time, and my everyday skillet just isn’t big enough to feed the entire family. This Mauviel would do the trick.

Nick Milanes, Deputy Copy Editor

Donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center
This Christmas, I’m hoping to focus on gratitude for what I have, rather than on what I want. Emotional stress notwithstanding, 2016 was a year where my professional labors bore fruit, and I came to appreciate the sacrifices of my family. Since my parents are my only giftees (aside from my girlfriend), my wish is to direct their giving spirit towards something I feel strongly about.

Besides, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t come out till March, and I’ve already saved up for it.

John Zientek, Style Writer

Fossilized Dire Wolf Skull from the La Brea Tar Pits
This Dire Wolf skull would really tie a room together, would it not?

Bryan Campbell, Motoring Writer

Monoposto by Autodromo
The specs that new sports cars boast are incredible, but unless I really want to shoulder an insurmountable debt to my bank, there’s no way I’m driving a ‘16 model off the lot. I buy used, affordable and hold on to it. I’m the same with watches. While I do appreciate their mechanical complexities, the ones I want are pricier than what I can justify for a timepiece. But if someone tossed me the keys to a 911R and black Monoposto, I’d gladly take both.

Tucker Bowe, Tech Writer

Phantom by Devialet
Power, bass and a body that makes listening to music a visceral experience — this is how wireless audio should be. As a gift, it’s definitely a “reach” item, but then again, it costs less than a new high-end MacBook Pro.

Andrew Connor, Watches Writer

Refurbished N64 by Nintendo
Given 2016 was a pretty shit year and 2017 isn’t shaping up to be much better, I’m looking to try and find joy in life’s little pleasures. If that includes buying a refurbished N64 and spending a couple hours each week playing childhood classics like Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Cruisin’ USA and Super Mario 64, well, so be it. Those kids in that video seemed pretty jazzed to get one.

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AJ Powell, Outdoors & Fitness Writer

P7 Headphones by Bowers & Wilkins
Because my current headphone setup lacks swagger. Over-ear design, excellent acoustics, minimalist aesthetics — what more could you want?

Emily Singer, Travel, Food & Drink Writer

A Stay at James Turrell’s “House of Light”
I’m unabashedly obsessed with the artist James Turrell and have made a point of hunting down his installations when I travel (e.g. the chapel of Berlin’s Dorotheenstadt Cemetery, the roof of Antwerp’s Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, retrospective at LACMA in 2013). So while I wait with baited breath for his magnum opus, Roden Crater, to be completed, a night at the “House of Light” in Niigata, Japan should tide me over. Built in 2000 as part of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, “House of Light” (and all of Turrell’s work) reminds you of the subjectivity of your own perception through meditative experiences. The price of an overnight stay is surprisingly reasonable. It’s planning a trip around available reservations that’s the hard part.

Michael Finn, Editorial Apprentice

Shearling-Lined Cashmere Bomber Jacket by Brunello Cucinelli
Oh, yeah! Just look at this coat. Look at it! See that dark blue cashmere? Buzzed off the belly of some poor goat in the Gobi Desert, probably. And that shearling wool lining? A happy little lamb gave its life for that! My God, it’s so beautiful. And the price tag — completely insane! Who in their right mind would buy this coat? I must have it.

Tanner Bowden, Editorial Intern

The Essential Geography of the United States of America Framed Archival Print by Imus Geographics
I get lost in maps. This map’s designer, David Imus, spent almost 6,000 hours perfecting everything from letter thickness and kerning to the shading on a mountain range to create the most thoughtful depiction of the US, ever.

Eric Adams, Contributor

S.1A Spotting Scope by Maven
Great glass makes the world better — brighter, sharper, more detailed and more colorful. This spotting scope — in gray/orange, please — fits beautifully into luggage, is built like a tank, and offers a wide magnification range that lets you take in the scenery and zoom in tight when you want. Aim it at everything from birds and beasts to stars and planets. It’s a brilliant travel companion you’ll I’ll keep forever.

Bradley Hasemeyer, Contributor

Spinn Coffee Maker
If Google Home and Amazon Echo had a baby that made coffee, this would be it. Roast, grind and percolate with this all-in-one wi-fi connected device with a small footprint and attractive design. Push notifications tell you to order more beans that you can source using the accompanying app. No more long lines and man buns associated with your prime coffee experience.

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Andrew Haynes, Art Director

0311XF Irons by PXG
These irons are the complete package — innovation, performance and a standout, minimal design.

Henry Phillips, Deputy Photo Editor

Assos Intermediate Socks
These are quite literally the best socks for cycling when it’s between 40 and 75 degrees. They apparently had to invent new machines to stitch them because they’re so supple. They also have the best color names. I would like three pairs in White Panther, one pair in Black Volkanga, and one in Volt Green for those days I’m feeling a little alla moda.

Chase Pellerin, Associate Designer

Okemo Mountain 2-Day Ticket
I don’t ski anywhere near as much as I used to, so it’s a successful season when I can squeeze a few days in when the snow is good.

Kayla Ramsey, Assistant Designer

Walnut Bike Rack by World of Our Cubes
A gorgeous and useful gift? It’s a Festivus miracle! Time to replace those ugly metal hooks dripping off my living room wall and make my classic Schwinn a centerpiece with this sturdy mount. I prefer this simple design over the trendier geometric mounts because the top shelf doubles as the perfect place for my helmet. P.S.: Supporting small artists during the holidays is always good karma.

Alexander Stein, Social Media Editor

Dinner for Two at Masa
They say the best gifts are the ones you’d never buy for yourself. I’d rather buy myself a roundtrip ticket to Tokyo for the price, but I’ll keep an omakase experience from Masa as the sole item on my list until sympathy wins out.

Caitlyn Girardi, Social Media Team

3rd Row Eric Clapton Tickets
I prefer experience gifts to products. Clapton is my favorite, and he’s finally coming to MSG. Grail seats are predictably insane. But if you’re going to see Slowhand, you’ve got to go big. (I think this is the part where I’m supposed to promise Santa that I’ll never do anything bad again if he gets me these tickets.)

Michael Bailey, Account Manager

US Navy N-1 Deck Jacket by Buzz Rickson
Built for warfare at sea, the N-1 embodies what all cold-weather gear looks to achieve: warmth and functionality. Good enough for Normandy’s beaches on D-Day, this jacket can overcome anything winter throws at you.

Alyx Effron, Account Executive

Ultra Boost 3.0 by Adidas
The latest version of Adidas’ most popular silhouette, the Ultra Boost 3.0 takes comfort, style and innovation to a whole new level. An upgraded primeknit pattern on the upper paired with the same full-length boost cushion setup as the previous 1.0 and 2.0 models makes the Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 the most comfortable and stylish running/lifestyle sneaker of the 2016 holiday season.

Geneva Auduong, Campaign Manager

Princetown Fur-Lined Slippers by Gucci
I’ve had my eye on these all year. Santa, take the wheel.

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