Good morning. A submarine trolling the depths of the Pacific Ocean caught on film, for the first time ever, a living specimen of one of the strangest and rarest sharks on the planet: the Ghost Shark. Its name comes from its big, dead eyes, pale-white skin and wing-like fins — and then there’s the retractable sex organ on its forehead. (Damn, mother nature! You scary.) Here’s what’s good in gear: a handsome winter jacket, a rolltop duffle, an all-brass luxury speaker collection and much more.

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National Geographic Infographics

Over a century of National Geographic‘s best and most beautiful infographics are compiled in this tome, perfect for a coffee table or for reminiscing about the good ol’ pre-internet days, before Google and fake news on Facebook satisfied our every curiosity.

Mission Workshop The Helmsman Rolltop Bag

We’re fans of rolltops over here because they’re functional to the max and look awesome always. This new duffel from Mission Workshop is extra versatile and rugged, with pockets galore and multiple carry options.

Doxa Sub 300T Sharkhunter

As a part of our newly revamped shop, we’ve partnered with online vintage watch dealer Analog/Shift to bring you a curated selection of beautiful vintage timepieces, including this rugged DOXA Sub 300T Sharkhunter diver from the early 1970s. With development begining in 1964 and led by brand director Urs Eschle (who consulted with rebound divers, including none other than Jacques Cousteau), DOXA spent years making sure the 300T was not only a capable underwater timepiece, but also incredibly wearable before it was released. Hell, it was good enough for Cousteau himself to wear. – Andrew Connor, Associate Staff Writer

Bang & Olufsen Cool Modern Collection

To celebrate the company’s 91st anniversary, B&O recently re-released a bunch of their best products…in brass. Get while the getting is golden.

Nobis The Elroy Winter Jacket

Nobis knows what they’re doing — winter is here, and they don’t screw around. And if you don’t like screwing around with heavily technical-looking outerwear but still want the warmth, their Elroy jacket is the choice to make.

Streaks Workout App

One of our favorite workout apps, now updated with a bunch of great new features: custom-made workouts, Apple Watch and iPad support, energy burned and more.

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