Good morning. Chinese propmasters The Toys Asia have assembled a real-life Iron Man suit. It’s unwearable, but stunning nonetheless; with the tap of a remote control, it unfolds in 28 seconds to reveal its innards, comprised of 46 motors and 567 parts. It can be yours for a mere $360,000. (Chump change, for real-life Tony Starks.) Here’s what’s good in gear: a raw bean coffee maker, performance boxer-briefs, a slingshot for adults and much more.

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Morakniv Eldris Knife

The Eldris has a 59mm blade. That’s pretty short. But it might be the future of outdoor knives.

Bonaverde Berlin Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Maker

Like your coffee fresh? Like, straight-from-the-farm-burlap-sack-on-the-back-of-a-mule fresh? Bonaverde’s coffee maker roasts, grinds and brews “green” coffee beans, sourced directly from the producer. Each coffee pouch contains a tiny chip, which tells the machine exactly how to roast and grind that particular blend — all you need to do is pop it in and press a button.

Pair of Thieves Slim-Fit Boxers

Boxer-briefs that don’t chafe, don’t get stinky and don’t hold sweat. Your groin will thank you (as will anyone sitting near you).

BRNLY SlingPop

A machine-milled slingshot, for adults! (It also opens beers!)

CYCLOPS 360° Panoramic HD Video Camera

4K video, waterproof up to 50 meters, magnetically mountable, wi-fi enabled. And it does it everything with a 220-degree lens — a perfect stepping stone into the burgeoning world of VR filmmaking.

Memento Gifs App

Memento makes gifs nearly effortless. It automatically creates gifs culled from your phone’s photos, and can even add stickers and text on top.

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