A Year Full of Motoring Madness

Best of 2016: Motoring

365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the best stories our motoring writers tackled over the course of 2016 — from superbikes to off-road SUV to Italian roadsters, vintage and new.

Quote of the Year

Front Row Tickets to a Detoit Iron Concert, in a GT40

“Play Le Mans, Gand Prix and Days of Thunder, simultaneously, at maximum volume, with your ear to the speaker, and you’ll have something close. It’s more rock concert than orchestra, but it’s a show I’d never thought I’d have front-row tickets for.”

– Bryan Campbell

The Stories

Get Your Motor Runnin’

My New Favorite Car: The Jaguar F-Type SVR

I have driven a lot of cars in my lifetime — astonishing cars. (Such a hard job.) But my favorite now very well may be the Jaguar F-Type SVR. – Nick Caruso

The Wall of Death at the Race of Gentlemen

These cars aren’t watered down or padded with crumple zones, airbags and traction control — those are modern safety nets and you can keep ‘em. – Bryan Campbell

Can Chrysler Finally Make the Minivan Cool?

So if I had some kids, and if they would get rid of that damn terrible gearshift knob disguised as a volume knob, it’d be the minivan I’d buy — not to feel cool, but to feel smart. – Chris Wright

5 Reasons to Love Cars, As Told by the Experts

I spoke with five professionals — a photographer, a journalist, a designer of watches inspired by cars, a proprietor of fast cars and the Stig (yes, that Stig) — who have made a living rooted in a passion for cars and driving. And, when I asked them what exactly it is that makes them love the damn things so much, this is what they had to say. – Andrew Connor

Driving One of the Greatest Roadsters Italy Has Ever Made

It’s a lineage that Italy knows and adores, and one other nations wish they could call their own. – Bryan Campbell

When Supercars Came of Age

Horsepower ratings swelled, top speeds climbed, and the ’60s quickly became the era of what are now the most famous (and now most expensive) exotica of all time. Read the Story

Can a New Sports Car Outclass Its Vintage Ancestor?

The new 124 is still a fantastic machine, a wonderful driver’s car. Hell, it briefly made me doubt my most prized possession in the entire world. – Andrew Connor

My Mom Fell in Love With a $150,000 Mercedes-Benz Tank

My mom — a retired first-grade teacher born, raised and still living in suburban West Michigan — loves her Ford Focus SEL. But now she wants a balls-out, body-on-frame military truck that looks like it was designed by a steroidal architect locked in a room with a block of granite, a hammer and chisel, an eight ball of coke and a lot of chrome. – Nick Caruso

A Rare Look Inside the Ducati Factory and Design Studio

Go back through any motorcycle company’s history — hell, even any car company’s history — and you’ll be hard pressed to find another manufacturer that has produced a better ratio of stunners to eyesores. – Bryan Campbell

Cool Dads, Rejoice: This Is Your SUV

On a drive through Colorado’s mountains and under Utah’s arches, I discovered power cloaked in utility and luxury served family-style. – Hayden Coplen

The Fastest Ego Check on Earth

There were teams of three or four drivers, but I chose to go at it alone. 90 minutes, straight, in a kart? How hard could it be? – Bryan Campbell

The Greatest Car Japan Has Ever Made

One can assume that the vast majority of LFA’s are sitting comfortably in a humidity-controlled garage — where they’ll remain for some time. – Henry Phillips

Meet the Woman Who’s Turned Wedding Photography into a Career Shooting Vintage Cars

Amy Shore is a photographer based in Leicestershire, England, and she’s found herself elbow deep in mind-bendingly beautiful vintage cars. – Nick Caruso

The $350,000 Icon Defender Needs No Justification

The end result? A no-frills utility vehicle, made from quality parts and materials; a well-tailored suit, with a V8 lump in the front. – Bryan Campbell

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