A Time for Reflection

Best of 2016: Watches

365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the best stories our watch writers tackled over the course of 2016 — from Instagram’s horological Batman to the Citizen factory to a bizarre vintage Rolex.

Quote of the Year

Why Watches Are Great Gifts

“It’s tempting mawkishness to say so, but the point is there’s little to compete with a watch, complete with its future-proofed mechanical inner workings, as a gift to show someone just how glad you are they’re alive.”

– Robin Swithinbank

The Stories

Reports, Photo Essays, Reviews and More

How to Spot a Knockoff Watch, as Explained by Instagram’s Horological Batman

Using knowledge gained from online forums, @fakewatchbusta is shaming those audacious enough to brag about their fake timepiece. – Andrew Connor

Inside the Citizen Watch Factory

The people and machinery behind the world’s largest watchmaker — and the world’s thinnest watch. – Eric Yang

Why a Mechanical Watch Is the Perfect Gift

A Rolex, given 70 years ago under dire circumstances, proves that watches can change the way we think about life. – Robin Swithinbank

The Rewarding (and Financially Perilous) World of Kickstarter Watches

Kickstarter is a place for young watchmakers with innovative ideas. It’s also a place for fraud and low-quality watches. – Andrew Connor

Why Is There a Domino’s Logo on This Rolex?

How did one of the world’s foremost watchmakers end up producing a watch for the official pizza of high-school pizza parties? – Andrew Connor

GP100: The Best Watches of 2016

Our picks for the finest watches launched in 2016. See the Winners

A Guide to the American Watch Renaissance

A “Made in the USA” watch, by FTC standards, is almost an impossibility today. But American watches are still more exciting than ever. – Chris Wright

What Makes a Watch ‘American-Made’?

America is no longer the watchmaking powerhouse it used to be. But can small US brands revitalize the dead industry? – Andrew Connor

An Endorsement for the Groom Watch

Buying a groom-to-be a new watch is a great new wedding tradition. And if you’re not sure what to get, consider one of these. – Andrew Connor

The Father and Son Team Behind New York’s Most Prolific Watch Repair Shop

Talking to Larry and Steve Kivel, second- and third-generation watch repairmen whose tiny stall in Grand Central Station has turned into a New York icon. – Chris Wright

Seiko 5 vs. Swatch Sistem51: Which Is Better for the Budding Enthusiast?

The Seiko 5 has been an enthusiast favorite for 53 years. Can a newcomer from Switzerland dethrone it? – Andrew Connor

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