The 2016 Outdoors and Fitness Magnum Opus

Best of 2016: Outdoors & Fitness

365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the best stories our Outdoors and Fitness writers tackled over the course of 2016 — bass fishing to road cycling to the ultimate bugout bag.

Quotes of the Year

Choice Words from Our Favorite Interviews

“I do some hand-drawn stuff, but with the bikes it’s tough. You try to draw a bike and it ends up looking like a fucking clown machine.”

– Thomas Callahan, Horse Brand

“I look at snowboarding now, and there’s great talent out there, but the direction is pretty interesting. It’s people spinning, holding their butts! Is that snowboarding now?”

– Jussi Oksanen, Former Professional Snowboarder and Owner of Mizu

The Stories

Our Finest Work From the Past Year

A Mountaineering Legend Reflects on a Lifetime of Summits (and Almost Losing His Toes)

New Balance just redesigned a hiking boot. We talked to the guy who gave them the idea to make it in the first place. – Tanner Bowden

Why Does America Love Bass Fishing?

Why would a fisherman be content to flip on the tube, sit on the couch, and watch someone else fish? I followed a production crew at the world’s best bass lake to find out. – Chris Wright, Associate Editor

How to Read a Rock Climbing Route, as Told by Conrad Anker

Essential climbing advice from the greatest living mountaineer, Conrad Anker.
– Michael Finn, Editorial Apprentice

The Ultimate Survival Bag for When Disaster Strikes

It’s a scary world out there — who knows what disaster might occur tomorrow. Be ready for the worst-case scenario by preparing a survival bag. – Michael Finn, Editorial Apprentice

The 25 Best Outdoor Stores in America

Looking for some new outdoor gear? These are the best places in the country to refresh your kit. – AJ Powell, Associate Staff Writer

Your Next Upgrade: Better Running Clothes

Ditch the cotton shorts and sleeveless tee. Read the Story

An Interview With The Greatest Living Mountaineer

Drinking beers and climbing rocks with mountaineer Conrad Anker. – Jeremy Berger, Contributor

Meet the Young American Cyclist Kicking Ass in Europe

Ian Boswell credits Lance Armstrong with his pro career. Read the interview to find out why. – AJ Powell, Associate Staff Writer

Climbing Partners

They climbed the 13,770-foot Grand Teton peak on their first date. What’d you do?
– John O’Connor

Is Climbing Everest Without Supplemental Oxygen Reckless?

Climbers Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards talk about the merits of climbing Everest without supplemental oxygen. – Outdoors and Fitness Desk

Editor’s Choice: The Best Gear from Outdoor Retailer Summer 2016

Ball-bearing knives, advanced sweat-wicking fabric, and much more. – AJ Powell, Associate Staff Writer

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