A Year of Sartorial Exploration

Best of 2016: Style

365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the best stories our style writers tackled over the course of 2016 — from making hats with Stetson in Texas to interviewing Thos. Moser’s new head designer to curating the ultimate briefcase.

Quote of the Year

Different Job Requirements

“I have to walk up to dudes that look like they could kill me and convince them in two minutes to be a fashion model when they’ve never ever in their life considered doing something like that.”

– Eric Kvatek

The Stories

The Garments, the Gear, the People

What Makes a Quality T-Shirt?

Bayard Winthrop (of American Giant) and Phillip Proyce (of Lady White Co.) explain what goes into a quality t-shirt. – John Zientek

3 Perfect Vallet Trays, Curated

Not just a place to store you EDC, a valet tray is an extension of your aesthetics, providing a design minded storage space. – John Zientek

The Best Winter Boots of 2016

A quality pair of leather boots is an important investment for winter. Here are the best classic and stylish boots of 2016. – John Zientek

The Best Way to Tie a Tie

Don’t read anything else. With the Four-in-Hand, you’re set for every occasion that needs a neck tie. – John Zientek

The Ultimate Briefcase

A stellar briefcase from Böle, along with the tech devices, analog products and miscellany a man needs for a day on the job. – Sung Han

Get the Most From Your Suits

Acclaimed New York tailor Jake Mueser shares what you should know before getting your next suit tailored. Read the Story

A New Collection of Jeans from America’s Oldest Denim Mill

3×1 denim teamed up with Cone Mills to reproduce their earliest denim made in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1905. – John Zientek

An Interview with the Man Taking Fashion Photography Off the Grid

Eric Kvatek, a photographer for 45rpm and Kapital, developed his own shooting style while traveling to conflict areas. – John Zientek

Can a Computer Make Better American Furniture?

Thos. Moser’s Hartford Collection, which won an Architizer A+ Award, is designed by Adam Rodgers, the first non-Moser at the helm of design. – Matthew Ankeny

How an Iconic, American Hat Is Made

We go inside the Garland, Texas factory of Stetson hats to see the process of crafting an iconic American hat. – John Zientek

The Australian Brand Elevating the Chelsea Boot

Born in the outback, R.M. Williams captured the soul of Australia with a handsome, sturdy chelsea boot. – Jack Seemer

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