365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the best stories our food and drink writers tackled over the course of 2016 — from whiskey stones to kitchen knives to omakase sushi.

Quote of the Year

Regarding the Eisenhower Steak

“As Americans, we tend to remember our presidents à la carte…Eisenhower, one of our most decorated leaders, signed the Civil Rights Act, founded NASA and established the Interstate Highway system; but really, “Ike” was just a guy who liked his steak. And he liked it big, cooked directly on top of charcoal for a deep, dark char.”

– Jack Seemer

The Stories

Reports, Reviews and Buying Guides

The 20 Best American IPAs, By Region

Still think Goose Island IPA is craft beer? Time to restock your fridge with some real craft American IPAs worth the buzz. – J. Travis Smith

Why Whiskey Stones Suck

Whiskey stones are intended to do two things: cool your drink down and prevent dilution. In each of these pursuits the whiskey stone fails. – J. Travis Smith

‘Chef’s Table’ Cinematographers Reveal Their Secrets, and Their Gear

How to make the most beautiful show about food, ever. – J. Travis Smith

You’re Ordering Sushi All Wrong

A true foodie knows exactly what to order — but also when to give the reins to the chef. – J. Travis Smith

Wines to Pair with Your Next Porterhouse

Everything you need to know about steak’s better half: Cabernet Sauvignon. – Jack Seemer

Best of 2016: Tech

A look back at the best stories our tech writers tackled over the course of 2016 — from bizarre cameras to audio equipment to sex toys. Read the Story

A Guide to Every Cut of Pork Worth Eating

Everything you ever wanted to know about pork, but were afraid to ask. – J. Travis Smith

A Cast-Iron Skillet, Made Like They Used To

For over a decade, Isaac Morton of Smithey Ironware has sought to bring back that quality of craftsmanship in modern cast iron. – Chris Wright

The Best Rye Whiskey You Can Actually Buy

Introduce yourself to the next best thing in brown spirits. – J. Travis Smith

The Only 3 Knives a Cook Needs

Cleaning house? Don’t neglect your kitchen drawers. It’s time to trim your knife collection to the bare essentials. – Jack Seemer

A Day with the South’s Seafood Brawler

Mike Lata cooks seafood better than anyone else in Charleston because he has the seafood nobody else can get. – Chris Wright

Best of 2016: Culture

A look back at the best stories our culture writers tackled over the course of 2016 — from abstract art to jazz to Pokemon Go. Read the Story

Your Guide to Every Ramen Style Worth Seeking Out

The number of stateside ramen shops is growing — as is the number of styles served. These are the ones to know. – Jack Seemer

Your Next Purchase: A Cutting Board That Won’t Dull Your Knife

Why you should invest in an end-grain cutting board. – Jack Seemer

How to Read a Whiskey Label

Do away with confusion in the liquor aisle and pick whiskey like a pro. – J. Travis Smith

A Visual Survey of NYC Coffee Cups

A great cup of coffee is more than bean deep. – Jack Seemer

Can Technology Save American Farming from Itself?

Two drought-plagued states — California and Arizona — produce over 99 percent of America’s lettuce. This startup wants to change that. – Jack Seemer

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