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Brush Up on Your Vintage BMW 5-Series History

2016 was an undoubtedly great year for BMW. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG reached the 100–year milestone, released the new M2 and brought back Clive Owen to revamp the legendary BMW Films. In anticipation of the new 5-Series, BMW is kicking off 2017 with a series of quick history lessons on each generation of the iconic executive sedan.

The videos are narrated in an unsurprisingly sterile tone, but the footage of old 5-Series vehicles being thrown around, and the experience of seeing how far the icon has come (and how much it’s grown), all makes for great Tuesday-afternoon entertainment. So far, BMW has only covered the E12, E28, and E34, but expect more to drop the closer we get to the official release of the 2017 G30 5-Series.

The History of the 5’s Little Brother

Originally built for racing homologation purposes, BMW’s E30 M3 was designed to push the envelope of what an already capable 3-Series could do. Read the Story