Good morning. A new year lies ahead, full of wonder and possibility. What adventures will you embark on? What gadgets will you bring? You made resolutions — maybe you want to cook better food, drink classier cocktails, further hone your sense of style or commit to a fitness regimen. Whatever your 2017 mission may be, we’ll be with you all the way. Cheers to a new year, and a clean slate. Here’s what’s good in gear: a rugged one-handed camera strap, a bed tent, a futuristic electronic keyboard and much more.

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Colfax Design Works Camera Sling Strap

A one-handed, USA-made, quick-draw camera strap tough enough for a photojournalist running around a war zone in a bulletproof vest. The abrasion-resistant nylon webbing is the same kind used by the military, and the nickel-plated carabiner keeps your camera locked and safe.

Fifty-Nine Parks Posters

Sixteen of the greatest US National Parks, from Acadia to Zion — the “crown jewels” of America, as they are often called — in a beautifully illustrated collection of frame-worthy poster art. An added bonus: 5 percent of your purchase goes to the National Park Service. What better excuse to show your love and pride for wild places?

Tracksmith No Days Off Collection

An all-new winter wear collection from one of our favorite running gear brands, Tracksmith. (Or are they a style brand? Their stuff looks so damn good, sometimes it’s hard to tell.)

Roli Seaboard RISE

Roli boldly claims the Seaboard RISE to be the future of the electronic keyboard. Big talk, right? Watch this video and it’ll all make perfect sense. It’s a musical instrument unlike anything before. Imagine finger painting a masterpiece with sound instead of colors. That’s the Seaboard RISE.

The Bed Tent by Privacy Pop

Turn a constantly sunlit bedroom into a perpetually dark private snooze pod. (Or make a super awesome fort.) Works with just about any bed.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Remember that New Years resolution you made just a few days ago? A good fitness tracker will help get you there. Here’s a new one, with all the basics: step tracking, heart rate and sleep monitoring, idle-time alerts that nudge you off your rear. It is also highly water- and scratch-resistant, shows text and call notifications from your phone, works with a companion Xiaomi app (as well as other fitness apps) and comes in four colors.

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