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Our Favorite Automotive Innovations from CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show, whose computer, TV, camera and audio tech announcements flood the news, is in full swing. Cars and motorcycles are quickly merging with all the other gadgets we use on a daily basis; on top of advancements in audio-video and user interface tech, autonomous driving and augmented reality are on the verge of becoming mainstream, and CES is where you’ll find the leading edge.

A handful of awards were given out in the automotive-centric categories of “In-Vehicle Audio-Video” and “Vehicle Intelligence.” These are our favorites out of the bunch.

In-Vehicle Audio Video

“Products and components designed to be part of an in-vehicle audio and video system. Examples include: amplifiers, capacitors, crossovers, digital media interfaces, disc changers, DVD/Blu-ray players, DVD/Blu-ray display systems, equalizers, HD/satellite radio receivers, head units, in-dash displays, marine A/V products, speakers.”

Bosch Integrated Connectivity Cluster

The Bosch Integrated Connectivity Cluster takes the same style and quality interface you’d have in a high-end sports car and puts it right on your handle bars.

Alpine iLX-107 Wireless Apple CarPlay Receiver

Don’t have Apple CarPlay? The Alpine iLX-107 head unit makes it happen.

AudioControl DM-810 DSP Matrix Processor

This processor works to optimize the sound quality of an OEM or aftermarket sound system. The company’s motto: “Making Good Sound Great.”

RACE 2.0 Integrated Media-Mirroring Middleware

No matter which operating system you use, RACE 2.0 Integrated Media-Mirroring Middleware mirrors your smart device onto your car’s user interface, making it easier to swap between multiple devices relatively seamlessly.

JBL BassPro Go

Add more bass to your car’s audio system, then take it with you; the BassPro Go doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Vehicle Intelligence

“Devices designed to provide or facilitate a virtual or augmented reality experience. Examples include: full-body virtual reality systems, heads-up display systems, virtual reality head-mounted displays, virtual reality add-on or accessory devices, augmented reality integrated devices, other VR/AR devices.”

Ekin Patrol

License plate–reading tech is nothing new, but here it is combined with speed detection and GPS data, conveniently packaged in a light bar.

Quanergy S3 Solid State LiDAR Sensor

Quanergy’s S3 Solid State LiDAR Sensor is an example of 3D mapping tech for autonomous cars becoming more readily available to smaller manufacturers and privateers. Devices like these make the autonomous vehicle mainstream more quickly.


HUDs have been around for years, but Navdy presents the first HUD to use augmented reality for infotainment, calls and maps, all operated by hand gestures.

imagiNEXT/American Road Products OmniDRIVE

Blind spot–eliminating 360–degree cameras that also give the driver a bird’s eye view of their car used to be available only in the most top-level trim cars; imagiNEXT/American Road Products brings the convenience to the aftermarket.

Civil Maps Localization and AR Maps

Much like with the S3 LiDar sensor, the average consumer won’t be shopping around for the Civil Maps Localization and AR Maps. But the technology is becoming more accessible to those who want to innovate, pushing the fledgling industry into the mainstream.

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