Good morning. Our on-the-ground coverage of CES 2017 continues today — here are ten more new and noteworthy gadgets from the biggest electronics show of the year. And here’s what else is good in gear: a limited-edition Airstream camper, new Ray-Ban sunglasses, the first new flavor of Girl Scout Cookies in years and much more.

Tune in today on Facebook Live at 12 p.m. EST — we’re back in our NYC offices with some fresh gear to show off.

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10 New Products Worth Knowing About from CES 2017, Part II

Toyota’s semi-autonomous concept car, Acer’s $9,000 gaming laptop and more.

Airstream x Tommy Bahama Travel Trailer and Touring Coach

A limited-edition 28–foot Airstream camper, imbued with a touch of laid-back island style courtesy of Tommy Bahama: custom floral fabric seats, leather cabinet handles, built-in bar (for margaritas, of course), a sun awning and more. Also check out the Interstate Touring Coach, a Mercedes-Benz passenger van with custom Tommy Bahama leather seats and other unique details.

SAXX Strike Compression Shorts

SAXX’s new full-thigh compression shorts are stitched with nine separate panels, and have no inward-facing seams — that means they squeeze the contours of your muscles perfectly, eliminate chafe and keep your “boys” happy.

Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole Bags

Patagonia adds to its line of burly bags with the Lightweight Black Hole collection.

The General by Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban released The General back in 1987 as an homage to the legendary General Douglas MacArthur, one of the supreme commanders of the US Army during World War II. He was also known for wearing Ray-Bans — sort of like how Che Guevara is known for wearing a beret, or Winston Churchill is known for chewing on fat cigars. Now, MacArthur’s iconic shades are back — and they’re still just as cool.

Girl Scout New S’Mores Cookies

New year, new and healthier you? Ha! That was a good one! Now get back to stuffing your face with chocolate-dipped, marshmallow-infused, graham cracker–crusted cookies narcotics. Do you accept bulk orders, Girl Scouts?

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