Welcome to The Gear We’re Testing This Week. We’re obviously passionate about gear, and we have a lot of it in the office — it fuels our reviews, news and stories every day. Here’s what we have in the office now — what we’re testing, photographing and more. Enjoy.

What’s In the Office Now: Live

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We’re back to broadcasting the gear in our office every Friday at noon. This week, we covered two types of knit sneakers, a multitool that can also undo your watch straps and a well-insulated parka.

The gear in our office this week. Ask us questions below ?

Posted by Gear Patrol on Friday, January 6, 2017

Products We’re Testing

Scenes from Instagram

First look at the Toyota Concept-i, testing a 1968 Rolex Submariner 5513 and checking out the Toyota 2000GT.

A photo posted by Gear Patrol (@gearpatrol) on

A photo posted by Gear Patrol (@gearpatrol) on

A photo posted by Gear Patrol (@gearpatrol) on

Behind the Scenes

Sightings from Instagram Stories and Snapchat

It’s not easy to photograph a good-looking cocktail like a Sazerac without taking a sip. We controlled ourselves. Check out the recipe here.

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