Good morning. As of January 1st — one year ahead of schedule — all the electric passenger trains in the Netherlands are running on renewable wind power. In 2016 the railway company in charge of the trains achieved 75 percent wind-powered trains, making the last quarter a relatively attainable goal. Perhaps (read: hopefully), this bodes well for other countries who might follow suit in the near future. Here’s what’s good in gear: a Kia sport sedan, a home cider brewer, new urban technical gear and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Oars + Alps Premium Skincare

Spread over the Arctic Tundra is a vast green shag carpet of Alpine Caribou Moss, a special lichen known for its powerful antioxidants, natural UV protection and all-around winter hardiness. It does wonders for your skin — makes it softer, less dry, more elastic. And it’s a key ingredient in Oars + Alps’ line of grooming products, including the only solid face wash stick you’ll find (it’s rubbed on, like bar soap), anti-aging face and eye cream, and all-natural deodorant. Each has a subtle, masculine scent, and contains a variety of good and healthy stuff pulled straight from the Earth, like shea butter, safflower oil and jojoba oil. The company avoids using a claimed 1,500 “bad ingredients.” Three excellent reasons — not to mention inexpensive, at about half the price of other premium brands — to finally start taking care of your tired, wind- and snow-blasted face.

Kia Made a 365 Horsepower Sport Sedan (Yes, that Kia)

A heavy-hitting statement of intent from the normally econo-box-minded automaker.

Jefferson Lane Satin Hem Sheets and Maya Cotton Blanket

Jefferson Lane’s 100 percent organic cotton sheets are made in a fair trade factory — workers are paid fair prices to fashion chemical-free bedding you won’t be scared to sleep on — for an equally fair price. Moreover, the brand offers discounts when you donate old bedding. Their Satin Hem sheets launched a few weeks back, and the brand’s handwoven Maya Blankets are available in two colors.

Omega’s New Speedmaster Is Inspired by Its Online Community of Enthusiasts

It’s also the first Omega watch you can order online.

Alchema Home Cider-Making System

High-tech home brewing kits are on the rise, and for good reason: creating controlled environments and standardizing the fermentation process removes all guesswork, simplifying things by a factor of at least 10. Alchema, a cider-brewing kit, is one of the newest (and simplest) home brewing gadgets to hit proverbial shelves. Capable of brewing 2.4 liters (the equivalent of three standard wine bottles) of cider in just one to two weeks, Alchema is as hands-off as it gets, keeping you apprised of your cider’s progress and alcohol content through a fermentation monitor that sends info to Alchema’s app.
Emily Singer, Associate Staff Writer

Livestock x Arc`teryx Superterranean Collection

Two Vancouver brands, one collab. Livestock’s streetwear style infuses Arc’teryx’s new collection of outdoorsy-urban gear, starting with the waterproof Beta SL shell jacket and a technical tee with reflective graphics.

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