Good morning. Today is Friday the 13th, a day not to be taken lightly. Spend the next 24 hours carefully if you’re wary of breaking mirrors…or Antarctic ice sheets. The research group MIDAS recently reported that a crack in the Larsen C ice sheet mysteriously grew by 18 kilometers in December. Try to avoid black cats and any other ill portents until at least midnight. And who knows how many years of bad luck you get for breaking a 19,000 square-mile ice sheet. Here’s what’s good in gear: an under-the-counter meat smoker, a brand new outerwear company, a crazy new Dodge Challenger and much more.

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And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Lexus Built a One-of-a-Kind Twin-V8 Sport Yacht to Impress the Young Folks

Japanese car manufacturer Lexus is making a big lifestyle play — and making waves.

Kalamazoo Under-Counter Smoker Cabinet

Try as a conventional oven might, it will never be able to produce the tenderness, juiciness or smokiness of real mouth-watering barbecue. That’s because no matter what’s in your granddad’s secret pork rub, one of the key ingredients in barbecue is smoke. Kalamazoo’s Smoker Cabinet is the outdoor cooking upgrade a meat lover needs — it’s capable of smoking nine racks of ribs or three whole briskets at a low 225°F for up to 16 hours with just a single load of charcoal. Do your local butcher proud.

MtnLogic Brand Launch

Born in the glaciers and crags of Mount Rainier, MtnLogic is the newest outdoor apparel brand to vie for space in a crowded market. MtnLogic is the product of a collaboration between Polartec and Rainier Mountaineering, Inc., the largest guide service in the United States. RMI’s 60+ guides developed and field tested the new gear over 1.2 million vertical feet and the result is a durable and functional collection dubbed Alpine Workwear. Instead of answering the demands of the market, MtnLogic answers the demands of the climbers. That does seem pretty logical.

All-Clad Reissued Its Best-Selling LTD Collection

Not everything needs reinventing. Sometimes a new handle design is more than enough.

Deus Ex Machina x Tricker’s Logger Boot

The refined sensibilities of England’s past meet the expressive style of the Commonwealth’s present in the Logger Boot. Produced in collaboration with Deus Ex Machina, this Derby ankle boot is hand- and bench-made with weather-resistant leather and a dainite sole using Tricker’s of St. James’ family crafting techniques — first developed in 1829. The result is a high-end bespoke boot with a period look that will last a lifetime.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is Set to One-Up the Hellcat

It’s called the Dodge SRT Demon and it will probably steal your lunch.

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