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Outdoorsman 101: Outdoor Skills Everyone Should Know

January 18, 2017 Sports and Outdoors By

You aren’t a true outdoorsman unless you know these skills. If you don’t know them, that’s okay. Learn them below and commit them to memory. Not only will they serve you well now, but this knowledge can be passed down to future generations of outdoorsmen as well. They’ll save you from having to buy a new rain jacket, help you get more life out of your tent, save your life in a winter snowstorm and more.

The Skills

Tips and Tricks from Pro Outdoorsman

Skill #1: Re-Waterproof Your Jacket

Because a rain jacket that doesn’t bead water is just a windbreaker.

Skill #2: Wash Your Down Sleeping Bag the Right Way

It’s time to break out your trusty sleeping bag — and wash out the stench of last season.

Skill #3: Repair Your Ripped Tent

Breathe new life into your old tent with a few easy steps.

Skill #4: Build a Survival Snow Shelter

Breathe new life into your old tent with a few easy steps.

Outdoor Hacks from Industry Professionals

Camping’s best little secrets — or “camping hacks” — come from the experts.

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