Oh, and It’s Already Sold Out

The Most Coveted Golf Ball Is $1.25 and from Costco

January 20, 2017 Sports and Outdoors By

For years golfers have trusted in the spin, flight and 352 dimples of Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball to get them to the green. Now, one of the biggest names in golf must acquiesce to a new name in the biz: Costco. When the retail wholesaler released its Signature Tour Performance golf ball under the Kirkland brand name at a price of $15 for a pack of 12 balls — compared to $40 for Pro V1s — golfers left the clubhouse behind for the bulk section.

What was unexpected was the ball’s success — it flew farther off a drive and matched the Pro V1 in spin and speed. Equally unexpected was the subsequent rush to buy up every ball on the shelf, but maybe that’s just what happens when people realize they’ve been whacking serious cash into the rough?

But don’t expect to get your hands on these pearly whites any time soon — Costco has been sold out for months and just earlier today it removed the item from its online store. You can always try your luck on eBay, but paying $10 a ball does seem a tad egregious.

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