Good morning. Foxconn, the Chinese megacorporation that manufactures the iPhone, is considering a $7 billion factory in the US. If all goes to plan, the factory will be in Pennsylvania, and will mostly manufacture phone displays. Since you’re likely reading this on a Foxconn device already, let’s get on with what’s good in gear: a floating cooler, a pair of everyday chinos, an elegant wine key and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Klipsch Heritage Wireless Three Tabletop Stereo System

Klipsch’s newest tabletop speaker is a beautiful mid-century revival, featuring a rectangular shape, wood veneer and copper-spun knobs and switches. Inside, however, the speaker boasts the latest and greatest audio tech, capable of wireless, room-filling, bass-thumping sound.

Retro Patents Wall Prints

Want to ponder the patent from the first iPhone? Go for it. Other cool patents include the first Blackberry, Nintendo 64 and Tesla’s Model S.

CreekKooler Tow-Behind Cooler

Up to 30 beers and 20 pounds of ice fit into this floating cooler, meant for towing behind kayaks, canoes and inflatable rafts — or just floating lazily around a swimming pool. (We’re calling it the U.S.S Partystarter.)

The American Khaki in Olive by Todd Shelton

These are your new pair of go-to pants. The subtle olive color goes with just about anything, and the fit is totally custom — first choose waist and length, and then, with the help of an online specialist, fine-tune the seat, thigh and ankle for a perfect fit.

Hardgraft Gym Bag, Volume 2

A premium, Italian leather gym bag that demands to be treated right, not shoved carelessly into tight lockers or car trunks.

W & P Design Host Key

Part wine key, part bottle opener — all elegant design. When it’s not being used, you can hang it on a bottle neck, or drop it on the accompanying wall-mount magnetic dock. Easy for those second, third and fourth bottles.

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