Decanters Are Just the Beginning

Essentials to Outfit Your Home Wine Bar

January 26, 2017 Buying Guides By

Shiny couture barware might be en vogue, but don’t overlook the fundamentals when it comes to putting together your home wine bar. It’s the well-designed tools that make life easier and classier. For example, you wouldn’t serve expensive Bordeaux from a bottle with frayed foil around the opening. And for Chrissake, get yourself a cutter and a decanter already! Not every bottle needs a tool, however. You won’t find Champagne pliers on this list; certain things in life are more fun with your hands.

Chromed Metal Foil Cutter by L’Atelier du Vin $27

Double-Hinged Waiters Corkscrew by Pulltap’s $10

Electric Corkscrew by RBT $100


Wine Shower Funnel by Rabbit $30

Decanter by Riedel $59

Wine Saver Concerto by Vacu Vin $18

Charleston Champagne Bucket by Crate and Barrel $50

Denk’Art Universal Glass by Zalto $59
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