Shiny couture barware might be en vogue, but don’t overlook the fundamentals when it comes to putting together your home wine bar. It’s the well-designed tools that make life easier and classier. For example, you wouldn’t serve expensive Bordeaux from a bottle with frayed foil around the opening. And for Chrissake, get yourself a cutter and a decanter already! Not every bottle needs a tool, however. You won’t find Champagne pliers on this list; certain things in life are more fun with your hands.

Chromed Metal Foil Cutter by L’Atelier du Vin $27

Double-Hinged Waiters Corkscrew by Pulltap’s $10

Electric Corkscrew by RBT $100


Wine Shower Funnel by Rabbit $30

Decanter by Riedel $59

Wine Saver Concerto by Vacu Vin $18

Charleston Champagne Bucket by Crate and Barrel $50

Denk’Art Universal Glass by Zalto $59
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