Good morning. Scientists have discovered an entire lost continent underneath Mauritius, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. The continent, dubbed Mauritia, is believed to have broken off from Gondwana — a supercontinent that eventually splintered off to form Africa, India, Australia, South America and Antarctica — 200 million years ago. That’s what’s good in underwater treasures; here’s what’s good in gear: a portable clothes-washing system, earthy solid cologne, black Apple AirPods and much more.

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Scrubba Portable Clothes Washing System

A washboard that fits in your pocket, backpack or suitcase. On the outside, nothing more than a packable dry bag; inside, hundreds of tiny scrub brushes. Simply drop in some clothes and a splash of soap, seal it up, and knead.

WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid Mattresses

The soft and personalized fit of memory foam, merged with the firmness and durability of a spring mattress. Also special tech, which WinkBeds is calling CoolControl, tweaks each side to the perfect temperature. Sizes include extra-large Twin, Queen, King, Split-King and California King; shipping begins February 2.

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

Solid cologne is the fantastic yet vastly under-utilized travel hack. Here’s a no-nonsense introduction to the stuff, in three earthy, masculine scents: Land, Sea and Air.

BlackPods Custom Painted Apple AirPods

Apple ignored a sizeable consumer demand for black AirPods, so now a few “skilled artisans” in some tiny Brooklyn shop will hand paint your AirPods for you. Send ’em in and they’ll be painted in three days or less, or you can buy a brand-new, freshly murdered-out pair from the company. But be warned: BlackPods’ website has slightly scammy vibes. (We’re looking into that.) There are no real product images, no customer reviews and no contact information. Purchase at your own risk.

Alpinestars Lane Split Moto Jacket

If you want a motorcycle jacket with the look and feel of waxed cotton and down lining, check out the Lane Split by Alpinestars. Between the outer shell and the inner lining, there’s no way those chilly late-winter winds are getting through. It should be noted that the Lane Split isn’t rated for full protection while riding your motorcycle, but it is more than qualified to take on a late-night stroll back home in mid-January. – Bryan Campbell, Associate Staff Writer

J.Crew x New Balance Collection

A winning fitness/style crossover collection, featuring 35 all-new products: track jackets, shoes, shorts, tees and more.

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