Great Coffee, Fast

Barista-Backed Coffee Pods You Can Feel Good About

For all their convenience, single-serving coffee pods are plagued by two problems: they’re wasteful, and the brewed coffee is often good but rarely great. A new venture by Colonna Coffee seeks to remedy both frustrations with compostable, Nespresso–compatible pods filled with premium coffee. The brainchild of three-time World Barista Championship finalist Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Colonna Coffee was founded with the goal of exposing the nuanced flavors and complexities of coffee through innovative means — namely, brewing capsules.

Colonna’s new compostable pods will be filled with single-origin Mi Bendicion coffee from Honduras. Available for pre-order now and slated to ship in April, the capsules are priced at £24, or about $30, for a box of 40. Better yet, Colonna Coffee is offering 15 percent off — for life — for those who place pre-sale orders.

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