Good morning. Thirty-six years after his death, new Bob Marley concert recordings have surfaced. Among the master tapes that were found in the basement of a dingy, abandoned London hotel, ten were restored. The others were either blank or water-damaged beyond repair. It is unknown if or when the recordings will be released to the public. Speaking of awesome finds, here are a few more from the gear realm: a quilted denim jacket, compostable coffee pods, a pre-release movie streaming service and much more.

And here are some stories you may have missed.

Twillory SafeCotton Shirts

We’ll give you the bad news first: a good portion of your wardrobe likely contains toxic carcinogens (like formaldehyde) left over from the treatment process. But here’s the good news: Twillory’s non-iron shirts contain no nasty chemicals at all. They’re also made of two-ply Egyptian/Sea Island cotton, affording an uncommonly soft-yet-sturdy feel that’ll last all day long. Even more good news: every shirt comes with two nickel-plated collar stays, and first-time shoppers — that’s you — get 50% off two shirts or more.

Scoop Movie Streaming Service

Movies and TV shows, just like video games and fast food menu items, must be shown to focus groups before they’re released. That’s the idea behind Scoop: in exchange for providing feedback, you, the movie/TV buff who’s always hungry for more, get to watch movies and TV shows that haven’t been released yet. It’s a win-win for consumers and studios, and, best of all, totally free.

Kapital Quilted Denim Jacket

From Japan’s revered denim kings, Kapital, comes this demure, quilted jacket. By Kapital standards, it’s reserved. But you’ll still be the most distinct dude on the street, and that denim will wear in beautifully over the years.
Matthew Ankeny, Style Editor

Sam Adams Hopscape and Fresh as Helles

Two new beers to reflect the changing seasons: Hopscape, a wintery wheat beer with summery notes of citrus and pine, and Fresh as Helles, a crisp, orange blossom–infused lager for defrosting your winter-sick heart. Hopscape is available now through February; Fresh as Helles will be available from March to April.

Colonna Coffee Compostable Coffee Pods

Compostable, single-serving pods filled with premium, single-origin coffee. Finally.

Google Maps Just Updated and It’s Better Than Ever

The latest update benefits commuters, drivers and anybody looking to discover something new.

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