Cash Cows

Want a Better-Tasting Steak for Less? Go In on the Whole Cow

Mail-order meat company Crowd Cow is making premium grass-fed, dry-aged beef available to the masses — by working one cow at a time. Purchasing from select ranches in Washington state, all of which are vetted for sustainable and ethical practices through on-site visits, Crowd Cow operates crowdfunding campaigns for individual steers (beef cattle). Customers claim specific cuts of beef — everything from top sirloin steaks and burger patties to offal and soup bones — and only once all 50 shares of a cow have been claimed does the cow “tip” and the meat ship.

Crowd Cow is the only company in the world providing customers with direct access to local ranchers. The result is a fully traceable, better-tasting cut of beef at a fair price. While Crowd Cow currently only ships to the western United States, the company is looking into East Coast distribution — as well as animals beyond cattle, thanks to the success last year of crowdfunded turkeys in advance of Thanksgiving.

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