Hurom x Giugiaro Design

The Look of a Supercar — in a Luxury Juicer

Design By Photo by Hurom

Today, the South Korean juicer manufacturer Hurom announced two limited edition models, the H-AE and H-AF, designed in tandem with Giugiaro Design. Yes, that Giugiaro Design — the legendary Italian design house behind behind some of motoring’s finest-looking cars, such as the BMW M1 and DeLorean DMC12.

The goal of the collaboration is to “raise the bar in user-friendly ergonomics,” Hurom says on its website. Both models feature on/off buttons that are intended to remind the user of the ignitions on modern supercars, not to mention each one’s distinct concave body and bold color scheme. And, of course, both also feature Hurom’s signature Slow Squeeze Technology, a patented system that recreates the freshness and nutritional value of hand-squeezed juice. Just expect to pay a pretty penny for it.

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