New Year, New TG

The New Season of ‘Top Gear’ Airs March 5. This Might Be Its Last Chance for Survival

Top Gear returns for its 24th season on March 5, and a lot has changed since last season — both for the show and for the segment it once monopolized.

The previous season of TG was just the BBC throwing things at the wall to see what would stick, televised. Chris Evans fell first, followed by Eddie Jordan and Sabine Schmidt. Matt LeBlanc was left in the roll of the lead presenter with Chris Harris and Rory Reid staying on in the supporting roles of the trifecta.

Casting turmoil aside, TG’s biggest hurdle is actually its old hosts. Regardless of your opinion of The Grand Tour, Amazon officially considers the show a success. “Millions of Prime members streamed the first episode in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan,” according to a statement published back in November on Bussiness Wire.

And it makes sense: The Grand Tour is the best parts of Top Gear, with a bigger budget. It’s what we wanted. Now, as expected, Clarkson’s shadow looms large. Can LeBlanc, Harris and Reid get out from under it? Or will season 24 prove to be the death knell for Top Gear? Whatever happens, at least they don’t have the American.

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