Good morning. A new dating app called Hater is sparking chemistry not through the things people love in common, but by the things they hate. It works a bit like Tinder: you set up a profile, select your most photogenic shots, swipe left or right, message your matches. But you also make swipe decisions on over 3,000 topics, some of which are time-relevant (“Harambe,” “DJ Khaled”), while others are timelessly divisive (“NY Yankees,” “Country Music”). Hate dating apps? There’s always the local bar. Hate bars? Find your outdoorsy, adventurous soulmate on LuvByrd.

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iClever Portable Car Jump Starter

Like a handheld backup power bank, but for dead engines. It holds enough juice for 30 jump starts, has a built-in flashlight and is no bigger than an iPhone. Stash it in your trunk with your other emergency essentials.

Song Sleuth Bird Call ID App

Song Sleuth is the ornithologist’s Shazam. It listens to birdsong and instantly reports back the three most likely species that it’s coming from; once the call has been identified, you can access a whole encyclopedia of information on the species, courtesy of David Sibley, the renowned expert and illustrator of North American birds.

Baron Fig Squire Aluminum Pen

A great pen (read: non-plastic) is a crucial component of any EDC setup. Here’s one that’s machined from a single block of aluminium, measured within microns of perfect weight and balance, and designed to be totally edgeless. You’ll pass it along to your kids one day — just don’t misplace it before the hand-off.

Beoplay H4 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

From Beoplay, a satellite company of Bang & Olufsen (the Maserati of hi-fi audio), comes an all-new pair of wireless headphones. The H4 headphones are made of lambskin, aluminum, stainless steel and rugged braided cord. They last up to 19 hours on a single charge, and they’re Beoplay’s most modestly priced over-ears. And the sound? Magnificent, just as you’d expect.

Ecco Cage Pro Golf Shoe

Ecco has released its latest shoe designed to meet the demands of today’s golfer. The Cage Pro uses breathable, water-resistant leather to keep your feet dry in any condition, while the unique spikeless outsole provides stability and traction from tee box to green. – Andrew Haynes, Art Director

Monta Oceanking Dive Watches

The Oceanking is a masterful throwback to ’50s-era dive watches, with a bezel design that Monta claims to be an industry-first: 12 parts aligned symmetrically, thanks to a double-patented process. It looks great above sea level, and performs great below: the 40mm stainless steel case houses an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and is rated for 304 meters.

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