Good morning. Ever wonder what NFL superstar (now MLB outfielder) Tim Tebow eats every day? Now we know: a shitload of avocados. In an interview with GQ, Tebow declared avocados an ideal alternative to sugar and carb-laden diets, and said they’re a crucial part of how he stays in tip-top athletic shape. Also part of his daily diet: a smoothie with spinach, lemon, ginger, cayenne, protein powder, sweetener, crushed ice and, of course, avocados. (Take notes, gladiator-physique hopefuls.)

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Lululemon Grind Down Short

How many pairs of gym shorts do you really need? Probably just one or two, as long as they look great, wick sweat and resist abrasion. These ones will do just fine.

The Top 5 Best-Sounding Porsches of All Time

The best sound bites you’ll hear all day.

Perch Colored Desk Set

Perch, a New York–based maker of fine desks and other workspace furniture, is offering three premium cardstock folders and a clear acrylic holder in one bundled set. ($12 cheaper than buying everything separately.)

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Lux

Chuck Taylors come in a dizzying number of variations, many of which are just meh. But these ones stand out. The silhouette positively oozes cosmopolitan cool. A premium leather upper and laces add a boot-like feel, a thick and sturdy outsole elevates you above city street grime. Truly a remarkable iteration of a sacred shoe design.

La Colombe Turkish Coffee Chocolate Bar

Decadent cocoa sourced from the Congo, swirled in with finely ground organic coffee sourced from the highlands of Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru. (Also available in equally delicious coconut mocha.)

Now’s the Time to Save Money on Outdoor Gear

From travel bags to insulated jackets, now is the time to save money.

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