Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to reflect new selections for 2017.

When the occasion calls for light packing in something that’ll easily fit in a backseat or overhead bin, go for the duffel (also known as the weekender). Below are 20 of the best. Within the price variation, there’s an array of materials, styles, colors and purposes, but suffice it to say that each of these picks is — in its own way — fit for the job.

Under $100

Sutton Duffle Bag by Herschel Supply Co. $60

Travel Bag by Rains $75

Buzz Weekend Bag by Sandqvist $95

Black Hole 45 L Duffel by Patagonia $99

EQT Holdall by Adidas $99

Under $500

Karson Opgrade Duffle Bag by Eastpak $125

Wax Holdall by Barbour $185

Mesh-Panelled Shell Holdall by NN07 $240

Waterproof Convertible Bag by Master-Piece $310

Twill Medium Duffle Bag by Filson $429

Under $1,000

New Bertrand Camo Bag by Moncler $535

Tanker Boston Bag by Porter-Yoshida & Co. $625

Leather and Canvas Duffle Bag by Montblanc $705

Continental Duffle by J.W. Hulme Co. $895

Ashton Lenox Duffel Bag by Tumi $995

Over $1,000

Guardsman Canvas Holdall by Dunhill $1,090

Duffle Travel Bag by Lotuff Leather $1,100

47 Leather Holdall by Álvaro $1,475

Clipper Leather Holdall by Mulberry $2,300

Goya Leather Holdall by Loewe $3,350

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