The Future: Definitely Not Terrifying

Roads? Flying Drone Taxis in Dubai Don’t Need Roads

In completely unsurprising news, Dubai (and the UAE as a whole) is both made of money and the very definition of overly ambitious. This is both awesomely entertaining and awesome in general if you’re a fan of travel and spectacle. For instance, at this year’s World Government Summit, the UAE is planning to send a spacecraft to Mars in 2021 to study the Red Planet’s atmosphere.

And in “But Wait, There’s More” news, Dubai has now announced that flying drone taxis will whisk passengers around its fair city this summer. The mini-airships are Ehang184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicles, which are set up to carry one human and a bag — a total of 100 kg — up to 31 miles at speeds in excess of 60 mph. The drones take two days to fully charge. The head of the city’s Transportation Agency says this is a reality, not a Star Trek pipe dream: “We have actually experimented with this vehicle flying in Dubai’s skies.”

Finally. Now you don’t have to feel weird about falling asleep in a cab. Or not wanting to talk to a cab driver. Or being in a traffic accident because your cab driver is insane. That’s a lot to look forward to. Falling to our death over a borderline obscene, unnatural, arid desert-scape with fake islands, on the other hand… not so awesome.

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