Good morning. A group of Harvard scientists claims to be two years away from resurrecting the wooly mammoth, a gigantic furry elephant that went extinct 4,000 years ago. Using an advanced gene-editing process called CRISPR (something that’s recently been in the news for other, more sinister reasons), the scientists believe they can merge wooly mammoth DNA with that of an Asian elephant’s, creating a “mammophant.” As for humans, it remains unclear when we’ll be given fish gills and angelic wings.

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J.Crew Stretch Collection

J.Crew’s newest collection includes jeans, chinos, shorts and even suiting, all of which look like regular ol’ great-looking J.Crew clothes, but thanks to a special elastane fabric, they feel like something you’d wear playing tennis or doing wheelies on a dirt bike.

Canon 77D DSLR

The 77D is Canon’s newest micro-segment of DSLR for people who feel like the $750 for an EOS Rebel is simply too cheap and the $1,100 for an 80D is an outrageous sum to pay. The 77D shares most of its guts with the Rebel (including a 24.2MP APS-C sensor and a 45-point AF system), but for your extra $150 you’ll get a more advanced light metering sensor and a top-mounted LCD that shows relevant settings (actually a really nice addition). If you’re dead set on getting a Canon DSLR and don’t mind losing some weather sealing from the 80D, the 77D is your value play. (And if you’re not set on a DSLR, check out the Fujifilm X-T20 or the Sony a6300) – Henry Phillips, Photography Manager

Caavo Set-Top TV Box

How hard is it to change the input on your TV?

Mazama Wares Jade Glassware Collection

Handblown in Portland, Oregon, each of these soda-lime glasses has its own unique characteristics and glows like ethereal jade. Available in three sizes: 8-ounce tumbler, 13-ounce wine glass and 20-ounce pint.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

It’s time to put the F12 out to pasture.

Best Made Co. Reinforced Osaka Thermal Jacket

The comfort of a USA-made cotton hoodie, merged harmoniously with a gale-resistant thermal outer layer. Outside, a cotton satin shell sourced from Japan; inside, a premium waffle-knit thermal liner. An excellent springtime garment.


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