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Today in Gear: February 21, 2017

February 21, 2017 Briefings By

Happy Hour Briefing

Ice Breakers for the First Drink

• Matt Damon Talks about the Great Wall and Men in Green Suits [MTV]
• Avoid These 9 Words When Asking for a Raise [Fast Company]
• Snapchat Spectacles: 11 Things to Know [CNET]
• Make Pluto a [Great] Planet Again: NASA [Gizmodo]
The Plot against America: If Charles Lindbergh Had Been Elected in ’40 [New York Times]
• LA Sucks Because Its Traffic Is Literally the Worst [WIRED]
• SpaceX Lands Another Falcon Rocket [CNET]
• Italian Coffee and Sustainability [Fast Company]
• 200 MPH in a Wingsuit… [WIRED]
• And One Thing to Watch (Cooking the Food of It’s Always Sunny):

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