Parkas, Topcoats, Bombers and More

24 Jackets and Coats for Every Type of Weather

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Outerwear is an investment. Well-made coats and jackets are expensive; thankfully, much of the time you really get what you pay for. And good outerwear lasts. Classic styles — the arctic parka, the bomber jacket, the raincoat, the field jacket and the motorcycle jacket — eschew trends and will look stylish for decades to come. So play the long game, invest in something worthwhile, and every time you don your coat, know that it’s going to both do its job and look the part.

The Arctic Parka

Insulated with down and lined with fur, the arctic parka will keep you warm in the most frigid conditions.

Who to Channel: polar explorers and international scientists
Pairings: rugged winter boots and a full beard

Down Parka by Adidas $275

Arctic Parka DF by Woolrich John Rich & Bros. $765

Carson Parka by Canada Goose $999

Grafton Shearling-Trimmed Down Parka by Moncler $2,665

The Topcoat

Whether worn over a suit or your casual digs, a topcoat adds an element of refinement to any outfit.

Who to Channel: Raf Simons, rockstar architects
Pairings: tailored trousers, muted colors

Boiled Wool Overcoat by COS $350

Luchino Coat by A.P.C. $620

Double-Breasted Cashmere Coat by Hardy Amies $1,250

Austin Wool Overcoat by Massimo Alba $2,015

The Bomber Jacket

A versatile mid-weight jacket, the bomber pairs well with most casual outfits.

Who to Channel: mid-’80s Tom Cruise
Pairings: chinos and a white tee

MA-1 TT by Alpha Industries $145

MA-1 Shell Jacket by J.Crew $180

Wool-Flannel Bomber Jacket by Aspesi $685

Suede Bomber Jacket by AMI $1,385

The Raincoat

Who says rainwear has to look technical? Don’t be caught in a downpour without one of these stylish options.

Who to Channel: Humphrey Bogart, protagonists from UK crime thrillers
Pairings: a clean haircut and a suit

Stockholm Raincoat by Stutterheim $295

Thor Raincoat by Norse Projects $385

Tech-Shell Raincoat by Todd Snyder $600

Bonded-Shell Raincoat by Mackintosh $785

The Field Jacket

Built for function and longevity, the field jacket looks equally good in the woods and the city.

Who to Channel: De Niro in Taxi Driver, revolutionaries and free-thinkers
Pairings: faded jeans and vintage sweatshirts

Field Jacket by Filson $495

Roadmaster Jacket by Belstaff $795

Linen Field Jacket by Private White V.C. $920

Suede Field Jacket by Brunello Cucinelli $5,595

The Motorcycle Jacket

Definitely an investment piece, the leather motorcycle jacket will last a lifetime and look better with every passing year.

Who to Channel: Marlon Brando, James Dean
Pairings: denim, boots and a t-shirt

AR2 by Vanson $599

Perfecto by Schott $1,250

V Racer Jacket by Belstaff $1,295

Leather Biker Jacket by Saint Laurent $4,990