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The Internet’s Favorite Kitchen Knives Are Finally in Stock

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Crowdfunded direct-to-consumer knife brand Misen set out to produce premium chef’s knives at attainable prices. Having launched its debut chef’s knife to much fanfare in March 2016, Misen later expanded its range to include a paring knife ($30) — and both are finally in stock and ready to ship. Crafted from high-carbon Japanese steel, the paring knife features a 15-degree blade angle for a noticeably sharper edge, with a versatile, ergonomic grip designed for precision slicing and peeling. The Misen chef’s knife ($65), sold out since October of last year, is forged from the same high-carbon steel, with a sloped bolster for a more comfortable grip and a gently curving blade that supports chopping, slicing and rocking cuts.

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