The Future of Folding Chairs?

The Ollie Chair: Retractable, Functional Art for Your Home

March 1, 2017 Design By

RockPaperRobot, a Brooklyn-based maker of cutting-edge furniture (like $20,000 coffee tables made of levitating cubes), announced their newest creation on Kickstarter this week: the Ollie Chair, a folding chair unlike any you’ve seen before. When folded, it looks like a piece of modern wood art you’d hang in your living room (and you should); give the chair an effortless flick, and the teakwood tambour (a wood-and-canvas surface commonly used on rolltop desks) unfurls, forming an ergonomic shape atop a sleek white aluminum frame. To fold it back up, a pull string on the back and the chair collapses down to a 2.25-inch-thick board — small enough to squeeze comfortably into any cranny or hang neatly on any wall.

The teakwood tambour and anodized aluminum frame are made to sit out on patios and balconies for years without warping or rusting. The frame comes in white, silver or black; as for the tambour, the base Kickstarter pledge of $300 gets you the teakwood version, while higher pledges ($450+) get you one or more additional tambours (felt, and a limited-edition print graphic from a local Brooklyn artist).

The Kickstarter campaign ends on March on 29, and the Ollie Chair is expected to begin shipping this November.

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