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As the sun rises, the barking of Alaskan huskies breaks the silence of Sweden’s arctic north. Two inches of fresh snow have fallen. The temperature hovers at 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Fog hangs, but there is work to be done. Miles of trail lie ahead, weaving through mountain birch, over exposed and blustery summits and across open expanses of frozen water.

Fjällräven’s annual polar Expedition cuts a 190-mile course from Tromsø, Norway, to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, all by dogsled. This year, 30 people partook, and despite physical and mental exhaustion, punishing terrain and blinding snow, all participants triumphed in this epic adventure in the Arctic Circle. We took some gear along for testing in one of the harshest environments in the world.

Abisko GTX Boot by Hanwag ~$433

Keb Eco-Shell Bibs by Fjällräven $500, Polar Parka by Fjällräven ~$845

Keb Eco-Shell Jacket by Fjällräven $500

Bushcraft Survival Knife by Morakniv $40

Wildlife Hatchet by Gränsfors Bruk $159

Polar Endurance 3 Tent by Fjällräven ~$1,584

Woolnet Long Pants by Aclima Learn More: Here, Woolnet Crew by Aclima Learn More: Here

Warmwool Bodypiece by Aclima Learn More: Here

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