If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, having a multitool on you at all times is a good idea. Multitools can make quick work of any problem. A camp stove going on the fritz. A broken binding on a ski. A zipper in need of a quick, on-the-fly-repair. Sticky situations are soundly avoided. But the outdoorsman’s EDC is not just confined to the run-of-the-mill Swiss Army Knife anymore. (Although it still rocks.)

Cam by Leatherman $34

EDC Utility Tool by Horse $30

Baton Q2 by SOG $67

Midnite Minichamp by Victorinox $70

Vox Access Tool by Böker $46

The Best Multitools Available

Whether it’s to save space in your pack or saving trips back to the tool box at home, a great multi-tool is worth the investment. Read the Story