As reported by MacRumors — from research secured by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo — the upcoming iPhone 8 is unlikely to have wireless charging. It’ll have either Lightning fast charging or USB-C charging.* Which is totally fine.

The challenge with wireless charging is twofold: one, the convenience is less convenient than you think, and two, the $0.01 cord. Wireless charging through the air is a long way off — and the tech needs to tread through a hot mess of conservative FDA regulations. So, for now, we’re stuck with near-field applications, similar to those that power your electric toothbrush. The problem is that unlike your electric toothbrush, you don’t use or charge your phone in the same place every single time. The nightstand would be the most logical location for most people, but limiting your charging to just your nightstand poses a problem — sometimes you need to charge your phone on the couch, or in your car, or at the kitchen table. Moving a charging station is easy, but doing so carries the same inconvenience as moving a traditional wall charger and cord. And that charging station, whether it’s a mat or a pad, is still connected to the wall outlet with a cord. The difference between setting down your phone and quickly plugging in a cord is minor.

Wireless also doesn’t measure up with cost, especially for manufacturers like Apple. Current charging cords come at a negligible price, and with Apple’s movement toward USB-C, one cord is becoming even more universal (and therefore affordable). A Qi-enabled mat can’t compete with the $0.01 cost of a cord — even though it’s quickly closing the gap. So for all the features we might hope for on the iPhone 8 (or 7S), I wouldn’t sweat losing wireless charging. One universal charging means for all your devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad) would be a nice solution, if Apple could get its ducks in a row with the new iPhones and iPads. It seems the company is leaning that way. And, for as quickly as USB-C could charge your phone, taking a few minutes to plug it in won’t steal too much of your precious time.

*There’s hot debate over whether Apple will continue with Lightning or move to USB-C. The iPad Pro has fast charging capabilities through a USB-C to Lightning cord; that may be the route the company take with the iPhone 8. Or, Apple may go full USB-C on one or all three of its projected models. Stay tuned for more updates.

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