Good morning. A lusciously bearded hermit by the name of David Letterman has re-entered the pop culture stratosphere (returning from some coastal homestead, presumably) to bash President Trump. In a rare interview with New York magazine, the late-night icon said that if he had interviewed Trump (like Letterman’s Tonight Show successor, Jimmy Fallon, recently did), he would have been considerably harsher. Letterman touched on a few other things, but unfortunately did not give up any secrets to maintaining his prophetic beard.

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Ministry of Supply Apollo 3 Dress Shirt

After five years of shirt production, Ministry of Supply has the “Performance Professional” thing down pat. For the third version of the Apollo, the company integrated customer feedback into a few pivotal updates. Phase Change Materials for temperature regulation and breathable stretch-knit fabric are still present, but by collaborating with MIT architect Skylar Tibbits, Ministry of Supply created a collar for Apollo 3 that prevents “flyaways” (when the collar turns up) and drooping. The collar-stays were also updated to resist warping when washing, and the finishing for collars and cuffs has evolved, integrating a fusible interface that can tolerate home washing, dry cleaning or industrial laundering. In other words, the Apollo 3 can handle whatever you throw at, no sweat. Note: New customers receive 15 percent off their first purchase.

Thread x Timberland Collection

On the surface, this collection of 15 all-new Timberland products, including shoes, t-shirts and bags, would be right at home on the shelves of any Americana menswear shop. Peel back the outer fabric, though, and you’ll find an inspiring story of humanitarian and environmental responsibility: each item is made with recycled plastic bottles from Haiti, creating more than 1,300 jobs for poverty-stricken Haitians with minimal industrial impact on the environment. Wear them because they look good; buy them because they are inherently good.

Tom Hanks Gave the White House Press Corps a $2,200 Espresso Machine

An industry-leading automatic Pasquini machine to power sleepless nights and the breakneck pace of today’s news cycle.

Sailor Twitch Collection from Taylor Stitch

Tailor Stitch loves California like Sean Spicer loves cinnamon gum. It’s part of who they are. Their newest collection — and all previous collections — exemplifies their Golden State spirit, evoking beach bonfires and pre-dawn surf sessions and hikes through Redwood forests. It’s rugged, laid-back, and, of course, masterfully made in California.

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Aer Gym Duffel

Aer’s most robust gym bag, with a ventilated main compartment big enough for a few changes of clothes, towels and exercise equipment. A separate odor-resistant compartment holds a pair of shoes; a quick-stash pocket holds a phone, wallet and other everyday carry.

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How to save on a table lamp, a Fjällräven backpack and a Timex military watch.

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