Volvo is quickly putting together the most gorgeous lineup of cars out of any manufacturer on the market today. The Swedish firm’s current design language is ultra modern and crisp but incredibly simple. The XC90 is a stunning SUV to behold in person; the S90 sedan is jaw-dropping; and now, just to prove how successful the company’s design really is, Volvo has gone and made the extraordinarily handsome XC60 compact SUV.

Compact SUVs (or crossovers) are notoriously hideous. The inherent proportions of crossovers (due to their being based largely on car platforms) simply don’t lend themselves very well to good SUV-like design. That said, Volvo’s current design and styling seem to do no wrong. A lot of the XC60’s visual features have been brought over from the larger XC90, only with the XC60 you get a much more manageable daily driver.

Under the hood, Volvo is offering two diesel engines (that we likely won’t see stateside) and the brand’s 254 horsepower T5 and 320 horsepower T6 engines. The most interesting motor choice is the 407 horsepower, supercharged and turbocharged hybrid T8. Pricing for the XC60 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it likely won’t stray too far from the outgoing XC60’s ($40,950) when it goes into production next month.

The Future of Volvo

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