You may have noticed the Gear Patrol office is a little divided when it comes to Toyota and its offerings. Its current lineup is, arguably, hit or miss.

Well, the future is looking significantly brighter — especially if you’re a fan of the old Toyota, where performance and fun were top priorities. Evo reports that the GT86 and the long-awaited Supra will be joined by a spiritual successor to the MR2.

In an interview, Toyota engineer and Gazoo Racing chief Tetsuya Tada said of the current lineup: “To be honest, we did think it was a bit boring. We hope to have the three brothers in place as soon as possible.” The “three brothers” he’s referring to are a callback to the Supra, GT86 and MR2 trio from 20 years ago.

We’re all familiar with the current GT86 and the joint-venture-with-BMW-Supra, which has been seen testing at the Nürburgring, but little is known about the upcoming “baby brother.” Seeing a small, affordable mid-engine sports car back on the road would be incredible, but the reality is that it will likely resemble the Toyota S-FR Concept from 2015. Which is not a bad thing at all — the more Mazda Miata-like cars on the road, the better. All that’s left is to wait with bated breath.

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