Good morning. The space potatoes that Matt Damon grew in The Martian are no longer in the realm of sci-fi fantasy. A NASA-backed project has successfully grown potatoes in Mars-like conditions, suggesting that a permanent Mars colony (which NASA hopes to establish within the next few decades) might actually be feasible.

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Mahabis Classic Blanket

Mahabis is well-known for its ludicrously comfortable slippers. This blanket takes the company’s knowhow in homebound coziness to a whole new level. It’s woven with superfine wool, and it’s massive — practically big enough to envelop a whole nuclear family.

Privacy Virtual Credit Card App

When you use one credit card for all online purchases, you are much more vulnerable to fraudsters. All it takes is one security breach of one merchant’s online system, and that credit card must be canceled, deleted and cut into pieces. Privacy prevents this hassle by creating a virtual Visa card for nearly every online merchant you purchase from. The virtual cards can be closed and controlled with just a few swipes and taps. And you can even purchase goods under a fake name.

Duluth Pack City Portfolio

Expect this briefcase to outlast you, given its sturdy 15-ounce duck canvas construction. Inside, it has all the right pockets, including a handy spot for a slim water bottle.

Tivoli Model One Digital Speaker

The 1950s called. They’re super jealous of this speaker. It nails the retro look right on the head: a boxy wooden cabinet, fabric speaker grill, brushed aluminum knobs and dials. Beneath its retro skin, though, is the latest audio tech: CD-quality wi-fi and Bluetooth streaming, multi-speaker configuration, FM tuner and more.

Toyota Promises a Return to Greatness with Three New Sports Cars

The future’s looking brighter — especially if you’re a fan of the old Toyota where performance and fun were top priorities.

Up for Auction: Tokyobike x Giant Robot Bicycle

Giant Robot joined forces with Tokyobike to produce this truly one-of-a-kind steel-frame bicycle, featuring original Japanese artwork. It is being auctioned to support the Orphan’s Education Fund, a charity organization that supports victims of the 2011 tsunami in Rikuzentakata, Japan.

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Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on a canvas vest, a USB-C charger and a four-season tent.

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