Foxx, Hamm and Pegg (Kinda)

Car Chases, Rock Music and a Light Plot: Watch the ‘Baby Driver’ Trailer

March 14, 2017 Cars By

What do Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm have in common (other than last names with inexplicable double letters)? They’re starring alongside Ansel Elgort — along with Kevin Spacey and, apparently, Meryl Streep — in Baby Driver, in theaters this August. The movie is directed by Edgar Wright, whose most famous work is the Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End, which all star Simon Pegg (double letters!) and Nick Frost. (If you need other movie suggestions, check out our complete guides.)

If the trailer is any indicator, Wright’s signature directing style plays well, as usual, with a fast-paced, fast-talking script. The movie appears to be mostly a bunch of strung-together car chases interrupted by some witty banter, a sweet love story and Kevin Spacey being terrifying. Count us in.

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